Student Leader Spotlight

Kyle Chism is the President of the Aggie Wranglers for 2017-2018.

How has being involved with Student Organizations helped your development outside of the classroom at Texas A&M?

Being involved in a student organization has definitely taught me how to have better time management skills.

What involvement or leadership advice would you give to incoming/new students?

My advice would be to get involved in at least one organization while at A&M and to take on a leadership role if the opportunity presents itself. Being involved in an organization is probably one of the best decisions I have made in college and has opened so many doors. It allows you to meet new people, It gives you the opportunity to work on leadership skills, and it provides you the opportunity to be apart of something bigger than yourself.

What Texas A&M core value best exemplifies your identity as a leader?


Why does the selected core value above best exemplify your leadership identity?

I think respect best exemplifies my identity as a leader because regardless of peoples opinions, beliefs, or outlooks on a situation, I try my best to respect what people say and how they feel. Not to be sentimental or cheesy, but to show them that I sincerely care about their concerns and what they think. As a leader, I push myself and challenge my team to respect one another in everything we do. I believe giving people the same respect you would want to be shown is a great way trust can be built within a team/organization.

What is the greatest benefit to being involved on campus?

The greatest benefit would have to be that I get to do something I love to do with people I love being around, while studying at an incredible University.

What inspires you to serve as a student leader at Texas A&M?

Knowing that I am able to be apart of something much larger than myself and serve an organization that I have a passion for!

Want to learn more about what Kyle’s involvement?

Aggie Wranglers Dance Lessons:

  • Thursdays (10/26 – 11/16) from 5:00pm-9:00pm
  • Sundays (10/29 – 11/19) 5:00pm-9:00pm