The Sponsored & Authorized Events Calendar provides faculty and staff members with information about university-excused absence activities and other important activities that may impact a student’s class attendance. Please note that this calendar is different than the StuAct Get Involved Calendar.

  • Authorized activities require participation in a university activity, or are necessary as a requirement for an official class. Authorized activities are university-excused absences as defined by the University Student Rules (Part I, Section 7).
  • Sponsored activities are generally considered important to the overall leadership development and education of Texas A&M students, but are not required as part of an official class or as mandatory participation in a university activity. Participation in a sponsored activity is not considered an official university-excused absence, but based on the perceived educational value of the event, instructors are encouraged to consider allowing students to make up the missed work resulting in participation of the event.

Submit an event for approval if you are planning an activity that falls into one of the categories above.

View the Sponsored & Authorized Events Calendar if you want to see a list of approved events.