Let us be the first (or, more likely, one of the very many) to say congratulations! Welcome to the greatest place on Earth: Texas A&M University. A successful college experience begins with a strong foundation. We aim to provide just that with the following extended orientation experiences. With opportunities for both freshmen and transfer students, we hope you take advantage of these fun, highly interactive, and informative camps that will help with your transition to Aggieland.


“A Freshman’s First Tradition” is Fish Camp’s well-known slogan, and it is perfectly accurate. Occurring in the few weeks preceding the fall semester, Fish Camp offers the best opportunity to learn the ins and outs of being a new Aggie on campus. In four too-short days, you will learn all of the yells, traditions, tips and tricks needed to be one of the loudest, proudest members of your fightin’ Texas Aggie class. LEARN MORE


Freshmen aren’t the only new students having fun. Aggie Transition Camps (ATC), which include Transfer Camp (T-Camp) in the Fall and Howdy Camp in the Spring, offers “A Transfer’s First Tradition.” T-Camp, specifically designed for transfer students, and Howdy Camp, including both transfers and freshmen, help welcome new Aggies as they learn campus traditions in a fun and open atmosphere. LEARN MORE


Venture Camps, “A New Aggie Tradition,” are experiences designed to welcome both freshmen and transfer students to the Aggie Family through sharing in new and unique experiences offered to students at Texas A&M.  Venture:  Base Camp is the thrilling premiere program that will provide fun, rugged, and exciting outdoor adventure experiences for students who enjoy hiking, paddling, cycling, rock climbing, and challenge courses in the great outdoors… all while learning what it means to be a Fightin’ Texas Aggie!  LEARN MORE