At Texas A&M, we have over 1000 active organizations. However, we always have room for more if you aren’t able to find an existing organization that fits your needs and interests. All new organizations must complete an application process before being approved to operate on campus, so before you get started, please remember the following:

  • We receive many New Student Organization applications each semester. Because of the level of review we pursue with each application, it is not uncommon for the approval process for new organizations to take several weeks, depending on the nature of the organization.  
  • Through the approval process, we want to ensure that your organization is prepared to operate successfully on campus as a recognized student organization. As such, we gather information from you and provide information to you with the ultimate hope that these interactions lead to a successful start for your new student organization.

If you could not find specific information you need to create a new student organization, you can contact our Student Organization Development and Administration area at (979) 458-4371.


The process for creating a new student organization includes four different steps:

Attend a New Student Organization (NSO) Informational, the dates for which can be found here. You will receive a custom link for an NSO application once you have attended this informational. Any member of your NSO is welcome to attend, but your Chief Student Leader must be present.

Submit a completed NSO application, including any required support items, through StuAct Online using the custom link referenced above. Student Activities staff may request additional information or a meeting with students to discuss the organization mission, purpose, and/or activities.

Staff members in the Department of Student Activities will review your submitted application for a unique mission and purpose “that are consistent with the philosophy and goals that have been developed for the creation and existence of Texas A&M University” (Student Rule 41). Student organizations that are approved to begin the recognition process will be assigned a classification (based on the mission and purpose) and categorization (based on risk and relationship), and may be assigned enhanced expectations depending on the proposed activities of the organization. You should respond to any requests for additional information within a month to keep your application active.

Upon approval of the application, you will receive an account number and information on how to advance through the student organization recognition process, which includes officer training and finding an advisor. You will have 60 days to complete the recognition process. 


There are three different types of student organizations, determined by an organization’s relationship to the university:

Sponsored Organizations

Those considered to be critical to the mission and culture of the university. These organizations are inherently linked to the university and are considered to be an integral part of the institution. They typically have a close relationship with a university department or office, and their activities and events are considered to be more complex because of their scope and perceived association with the university. Sponsored organizations are required to have a full-time professional staff member whose job description designates them as the primary advisor to the sponsored organization.

Affiliated Organizations

Contribute to the mission and culture of the university, and the activities and events of these organizations are considered to carry a moderate level of complexity. Affiliated organizations often have a direct link to a larger, sponsored organization. Affiliated advisors must be a full-time university employee who possesses the skills and/or training necessary to advise the organization.

Registered Organizations

Are capable of functioning with minimal support from the university, but remain consistent with the mission and culture of Texas A&M. The activities and events of these organizations are considered to carry a lower level of complexity due to their limited scope. Advisors to a registered organization may be a faculty member, professional or associate staff member, or graduate assistant.


Every recognized A&M organization is given a classification which not only helps us organize you into areas of common mission or purpose, but it also makes finding you a lot easier for students who are looking to get involved. Our current classifications include:

  • Academic
  • Arts and Culture
  • Campus Service
  • Community/Volunteer Service
  • Cultural/International
  • Enthusiasts
  • Global Service
  • Greek Life
  • Healthy Living
  • Honor
  • Military
  • Professional/Career
  • Recreation
  • Religious
  • Residence Halls
  • Social and Political Issues
  • Special Interests
  • Spirit and Tradition
  • Sport Clubs
  • Student Government