Student Activities is home to leadership programs that develop students and student organizations, so check out some of our offerings below. For more information, you can also visit the Student Organization Leadership and Development team in Koldus 224 or contact us at (979) 845-1133.


The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows / Society is a leadership certificate program sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs and is open to any undergraduate student. Throughout the program, you will have one-on-one leadership coaching that will challenge you to reflect on your learning and map your leadership experiences over time. The program will culminate with a leadership capstone experience, the Leadership Engagement Project. Participants who successfully complete The Maroon & White Leadership Fellows program will be inducted into The Maroon & White Leadership Society. Our goal for participants is to have you graduate from Texas A&M University with a deeper understanding of who you are as a leader and how you can make an impact in your respective communities. If you are interested in learning through leadership, then this program is for you!



Ever wonder why some people are so good at doing what they do? We’ve all got talents that, when nurtured, turn into our greatest strengths. Learn your greatest talents by taking the CliftonStrengths® inventory. Knowledge of your talents will allow you to learn how best to lead and develop yourself in order to lead others.

If you’ve already completed the CliftonStrengths® inventory, check out Strengths Round 2! Strengths Round 2 offers fun and interactive opportunities to learn more about your personal themes, including sessions on Strengths and Careers, Strengths in a Multicultural World, Strengths and Leadership, Strengths and Service, and Strengths and Teams.



Aside from supporting our fraternities and sororities, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life offers a number of leadership and personal development programs, some of which do not require membership in a Greek chapter. Unlike other leadership opportunities on campus, these programs not only support the development of your cultural identity, but they also strengthen your unique leadership skill set.

A developmental program provided by the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club is designed to introduce young African American men to the complexity of the collegiate male’s plight and the infrastructure of the Black Greek-lettered fraternity. The program achieves this through eight training seminars and the reading of select books that best capture the dynamics of the Black male image.

The Uniting Divine Sistah’s Course/Program is dedicated to empowering African American women of all classifications at Texas A&M University by providing culturally relevant information. The “Uniting Divine Sistahs” course/program is designed to address the development of leadership capacity and socially constructed identities. The course/program is an expansion from the pre-existing UDS retreat, which addressed leading in diverse organizations, healthy body image, and challenging socially established gender norms and roles. The course will aid students in their ability to encourage social change, build camaraderie among other women, and develop networking opportunities among women from diverse backgrounds.

The LEAD program is hosted by the Texas A&M InterFraternity Council (IFC) in conjunction with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.  The LEAD program aims to unite emerging leaders from across the university community in order to offer leadership-training opportunities, hone practical programming skills, cultivate an understanding of the inner workings of male-based organizations, all while developing a sense of community among male leaders. The LEAD program examines the interconnectedness of socially-constructed identities (i.e. gender and college student) and the impact of social capital on leadership identity development.  The program will address self-management, interpersonal relationships, ethical decision-making, organizational development, and organization and planning through various methods ranging from peer- lead training sessions to completion of a ropes course. Participants will graduate from the LEAD program after completion of a culmination project.