Fraternity and Sorority Life Excellence Committee

In 2018, 20 strategies to enhance the fraternity and sorority experience on our campuses were developed by the SEC Coalition, consisting of the Vice Presidents for Student Affairs from the Southeastern Conference institutions. From these strategies, the Texas A&M Fraternity and Sorority Life Excellence Committee was created to:

  1. Implement a plan of action (presented by April 2019) that addresses the 20 excellence strategies identified by the SEC Coalition.
  2. Assess the progress and impact that this plan has on the Texas A&M fraternity and sorority community.
  3. Continue to develop next-best-practices that will ensure Aggie Greeks are at the forefront of Greek Excellence.

Four subcommittees have been established to help accomplish this charge:  Finances and Staffing; Law, Policy, and Governance; Education and Training; Communications and Marketing.  Likewise, in 2017-2018, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL) built a strategic plan that addresses a number of the initiatives identified by the Coalition. We believe that the work done by OFSL provides a strong foundation for the Excellence Committee.

Subcommittee membership and OFSL’s strategic plan, along with the 20 SEC initiatives, can be viewed below.

Committee Guiding Documents

A number of guiding documents and resources have been provided to the committee to ensure their success. Key documents include:

Committee Minutes

For questions or comments regarding the work of the Fraternity and Sorority Excellence Committee, please contact Allie McConnell, Sr. Administrative Coordinator, at or 979-845-1133.

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Committee Membership and Structure

The FSL Excellence Committee is chaired by the Director of Student Activities, Christine Gravelle, and supported by the Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life, Shante’ Hearst.  Administrative support is provided by Sr. Administrative Coordinator, Allie McConnell.

Upon review of the 20 initiatives, the remaining committee membership has been divided into four subcommittees:

Finances & Staffing

  • Tom Reber, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Subcommittee Chair
  • Col. Mark Johnson, Director and Associate Professor of Practice, Industrial Distribution
  • Megan Pulliam, Assistant Director of Development, Texas A&M Foundation
  • Ron Holsey, President, Greek Former Student Network Board
  • Gentill Abdulla, Student Leader, National Pan-Hellenic Council
  • Mikey Jaillet, Student Leader, Interfraternity Council
  • Alex Square, Administrative Coordinator, OFSL Liaison

Law, Policy, & Governance

  • Ann GoodmanPh.D., Associate Director, Student Activities, Subcommittee Chair
  • Alyssa Leffall, J.D., Special Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
  • David Sergi, J.D., Treasurer, Greek Former Student Network Board
  • Steve Vasquez, Student Leader, Multicultural Greek Council
  • Jay Skye, Chapter Operations Specialist, OFSL Liaison

Education & Training

  • Jennifer Ford, Associate Director, Offices of the Dean of Student Life, Subcommittee Chair
  • Stephen Caffey, Ph.D., Associate Department Head for Research, College of Architecture
  • Edward Gibson, Program Coordinator for Diversity, University Libraries
  • Erika Garcia, Diversity Education Specialist, Department of Multicultural Services
  • Debbie Robertson, Chapter Advisor, Zeta Tau Alpha
  • Ashlyn Pederson, Student Leader, Collegiate Panhellenic Council
  • Ahmed Gad, Student Leader, Multicultural Greek Council
  • Sade Dawson, Leadership Development Specialist, OFSL Liaison

Communications & Marketing

  • Jennifer Boyle, Associate Director, Student Activities, Subcommittee Chair
  • Christine Gravelle, Director of Student Activities
  • Shante’ Hearst, Assistant Director, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life
  • Sade Dawson, Leadership Development Specialist, OFSL Liaison