Student Leader Spotlight

Amy Sharp is the President of the Class of 2019, which is overseen by Class Councils.

How has being involved with Student Organizations helped your development outside of the classroom at Texas A&M?

Serving as the Class of 2019 President has allowed me to grow in many areas. Professionally, it gives me experiences that will help to make me more qualified for my future, like facilitating activities and meetings, planning large scale projects and events, and learning how to manage a budget. Even more though, Class Councils has surrounded me with people I can only hope to someday emulate: capable, hardworking, and exceptional leaders who I have the special opportunity to learn from daily. It has taught me the importance of surrounding yourself with people who you want to be like. With the goal of sustaining and improving A&M traditions, our work impacts countless lives in the community. Whether it’s choosing to donate all 11/11 day proceeds to community veterans or simply expanding our public relations to include more students in Elephant Walk, I am learning to always seek opportunities to make A&M a better place.

What involvement or leadership advice would you give to incoming/new students?

In today’s world, we are facing a global economy without enough education to embrace it. New education laws, racial wars, and religious differences still create challenges in our society, and our future leaders must have a deeper understanding of the world to move our future along in the right direction. I would advise future leaders to embrace the power of diversity in every way; diversity of thought, background, and interests and harness the power that comes with it to make both Texas A&M and the world a better place to be.

What Texas A&M core value best exemplifies your identity as a leader?


Why does the selected core value above best exemplify your leadership identity?

I chose integrity, because it is the foundation of my leadership style. I would never ask another person to do something that I wasn’t willing to do myself. Although foundational to good character, integrity does not simply mean choosing the best option in an ethical dilemma. It means staying true to the values you uphold in everything you do both when no one is watching and when everyone is. It is so important to love yourself for who you are, and upholding my value of integrity is the driving force of being able to do that. involved on campus?

What inspires you to serve as a student leader at Texas A&M?

I am inspired by the caliber of students at Texas A&M. Each time I meet someone new I am reminded of why this university is so great. We have leaders in every capacity, we have people who are going to use their brain to change the world, and we have people who spend every day simply focused on being kind to others. Everyday, I am in awe of my opportunity to put on incredible traditions that create impact, engagement, and spirit on our campus.

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