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Student Organization Update 1.3.22

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Student Organization Event Planning Guidance

Keep the following guidelines, best practices, and recommendations in mind as you engage in event planning activities with your student group or organization.  As a reminder, Student Rule 42.4 states that, “It is expected that all student organizations will have their events, whether on or off campus, reviewed and approved by their university advisor(s).”   

While not an exhaustive list, the following are items and actions your organization should consider when planning and implementing in-person programs and events.  Please note that “meetings” may occur in-person, hybrid, or virtually.   


Assembly of members of a student organization or committee gathering for organizational business and includes limited activities (can be in-person, hybrid, or virtual).

In-Person Events

Assembly of members of a student organization or committee and/or outside guests (non-members) gathering in-person for a specific purpose that may include increased activity or risk.  An event planning form may be required.

  • Consider on/off-campus location, indoor vs. outdoor, size, type, crowd density, air flow
  • Understand reservations process for key event spaces (UCEN, Rudder, Rec Sports)
  • Talk to facility staff EARLY to use their expertise in the planning process (capacity, traffic flow, seating, cleaning, technology, accommodations, etc.)
  • Know what is required to secure space, including signatures and account information
  • Create inclement weather and hydration plans and establish “cool zones” (if outdoors)
  • Submit necessary event approvals as instructed by facility proctor or service provider
  • Understand facility-specific food and catering policies/limitations 
  • Review campus policies regarding food distribution
  • Follow food handling best practices with extra safety and sanitation precautions (sneeze guards, increased distance between seating, etc.) 
  • Limit shared food (bread, condiments, cream/sugar) by serving individual containers
  • Maximize physical distance and minimize contact between participants 
  • Encourage participants to self-screen for symptoms prior to event and stay home if symptoms are present
  • Ensure access to hand washing/sanitizing stations or supplies, and build in breaks and reminders for participants to do this frequently
  • Prevent overcrowding in spaces by staggering departure/arrival times, moving groups in small batches, or reserving extra space for group work
  • Immediately report any known infectious disease cases, that have or may have occurred as the result of your event, to Texas A&M University