About Us

In the early fall of 1973, the new Vice President of Student Services, Dr. John Koldus, solicited input from staff, faculty and students about the current and future student service needs of the university. The subsequent report became the blueprint by which our division was organized and developed. The Department of Student Activities was one of the new departments created. Dr. Koldus formed the department by combining Student Government, student organizations, Vocal Music, the Coordinator of Religious Programs and the International Student Advisor. The Department of Student Activities was charged with four major responsibilities:

  1. Administer the recognition, funding and activities of all Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs).
  2. Develop leadership programs.
  3. Publish and distribute publications of a general nature about Student Services.
  4. Advise the Student Government Association.

These four responsibilities have been the cornerstone of our department as we have assessed the needs of our student body, developed, and expanded upon these areas.


Our Commitment

The Department of Student Activities is committed to developing leaders of character dedicated to serving the greater good.


Our Values

Excellence - Set the bar.

Integrity - Character is destiny.

Leadership - Follow me.

Loyalty - Acceptance forever.

Respect - We are the Aggies, the Aggies are we.

Selfless Service - How can I be of service?




Strategic Objectives

  1. Review of the departmental organizational structure and communication processes: a cross-departmental task force was developed to review the departmental structure and communication processes and is charged with recommending the next steps for the department.
  2. Excellence in staffing practices: a core value for the department is staff and we strive for excellence in all of our staffing practices, including recruitment, retention and development. We are committed to remaining a competitive Student Activities program across the nation which includes continuing to offer competitive salaries. The most recent study of why staff members leave the Division of Student Affairs and the Department of Student Activities reported work/life balance to be a challenge for staff due to the complex demands of our positions. Staff retention and creating balanced workloads for staff will continue to be a priority. This will require an investment in additional staff positions and resources to avoid staff leaving due to increased demands.
  3. Development of a comprehensive diversity plan: in support of the University Diversity Plan, the department strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment.Connection to the learning mission.
  4. Connection to the learning mission: meaningful contributions to a student's learning experience is critical to the success of the department and efforts are made to infuse programs and activities with rich opportunities for students to learn and grow through their involvement experiences.