Chau Dong ’18

Chau Dong ’18 is the Chair of Alternative Spring Break,  a recognized student volunteer organization within the Student Government Association.

What involvement or leadership advice would you give to incoming/new students?

Do not wait to get involved or let anything hold you back if you are truly passionate about a cause.

What Texas A&M core value best exemplifies your identity as a leader?

Selfless Service

What is the greatest benefit to being involved on campus?

The greatest benefit to being involved on campus is utilizing the full capacity of your college experience. Being involved depends on how much time and effort you want to give. I believe it is so meaningful when looking back on your college career to see the impacts you have made through your works in service projects or events on this campus.

What inspires you to serve as a student leader at Texas A&M?

This incredible student body inspires me to serve as a student leader. All I want to do is give back to this incredible university and the strong characters that the students here withhold. To work alongside Aggies who have such passion in service and development really makes me honored to be a student leader.