Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards 


Sandwich boards (also known as "A-frames") are free-standing, temporary signs that contain advertising messages.  Generally, a permit is not required for the placement of sandwich boards in traditional and designated public forums as defined by Student Rules (   The following guidelines apply to the posting of sandwich boards on-campus.

Sandwich Board Guidelines

  • Sandwich boards shall not impede or restrict the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, including sidewalks, building entrances/exits, and handicap ramps.
  • Sandwich boards may not be chained or locked to University property, including trees, handrails, street or lamp posts, and buildings.
  • Board size may not exceed 48" tall x 36" wide.
  • Sandwich boards should be weighted to withstand wind and other weather conditions.
  • Sandwich boards should be displayed for no more than one consecutive week (seven days).
  • When promoting an event or activity, sandwich boards should be removed within 24 hours of the end of the event.  Otherwise, displays should be removed when the advertised message is no longer timely or applicable.
  • Lost, stolen, and/or damaged sandwich boards are the responsibility of the individual owner, student organization, or department.
  • Sandwich boards that do not comply with these guidelines will be removed and further disciplinary actions may be taken.


  • Commonly utilized spaces include:

    • Greenhouse area across from the Commons
    • Chemistry Fountain Plaza
    • Academic Plaza
    • West Campus Mall Area (near the flag poles)
    • Sbisa Plaza
  • Space Reservation: Due to space limitations, certain locations require a reservation for the placement of sandwich boards and other signs.  Contact the facility proctor prior to placing a sandwich board to determine whether a reservation is needed (contact information for commonly utilized spaces can be found at the bottom of this page).


It is recommended that contact name and information is attached to the back of posted sandwich boards.  This information could prove helpful in case the board is found, damaged, or needs to be moved from its original location.



REVISED 5/30/2012


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