Besides the training needed to maintain your status as a recognized student organization, Student Activities is proud to offer optional training opportunities that are designed to equip student leaders and advisors with tools that will prepare them to lead and manage their organization.


Not every student leader handles money for their organization, but if you do, learning all about the financial capabilities and resources offered through Student Activities would be a wise decision. The Student Organization Finance Center (SOFC), within Student Activities, handles all of your financial needs, including the training and information you need to be successful.

If you are the treasurer for your organization and need to complete the annual financial training, make sure to sign in on StuAct Online or your progress will not be recorded.

To schedule a personalized training session with our Training Specialist, please contact the SOFC at (979) 845-1114.


Student Activities offers individualized organizational development training workshops on specific topics of interest for student organizations. These workshops are tailored to meet the needs of your unique organization and often entail helpful activities that you can use in the context of your specific group, taking into account the audience (e.g. officer team or all-membership meeting). Previous topics have included fundraising, travel, motivating members, communication and conflict resolution, officer selection and transition, and planning effective retreats or orientations.

To request a workshop, please complete the form below. If you have any questions regarding Organizational Development workshops and opportunities, please contact us at (979) 458-4371.


We want advisors to be helpful resources to their organizations so that success can be achieved. Below a list of training opportunities tailored to advisors.

TIP: Internet Explorer is the recommended browser for the modules below.  If you are completing your required annual training, you must sign in or your progress will not be recorded.

This training session covers the core details of advising and the expectations of all advisors. All advisors are required to complete this course as part of their training.


This module allows advisors to view the information that is shared with student leaders as part of their officer training.


The module allows advisors to view the information that is shared with student leaders regarding the purpose and use of the Student Organization Finance Center.


If you’ve ever wondered how to refer a student to Student Counseling Services? Or about the range of services they provide? This module will cover the basic information need to support, refer, and help you help students.


This training module includes live interviews with students who answer some of your questions regarding inclusivity, accommodations, and helpful resources every advisor should know about the Department of Disability Services.

Get an honest look at what hazing is and isn’t through this training module designed to give you the facts about hazing including clear definitions, statistics, and information on what to do if you have been asked to participate in hazing or have been hazed.