The Department of Student Activities is proud to partner with Texas A&M faculty and staff who seek to integrate academics with learning experiences outside the classroom.


The Service-Learning Faculty Fellow Program is a year-long faculty development program that provides an opportunity for selected faculty members to integrate service-learning into their teaching, research, and public service while becoming recognized campus leaders in service-learning pedagogy and community engagement. The program is a partnership between the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, and the Department of Student Activities’ Leadership and Service Center, the Solved Initiative, and the Office of Sustainability.

Participants of the Service-Learning Faculty Fellows program are committed to the following endeavors:

  • Becoming part of a core group of campus leaders knowledgeable about and engaged in service- learning pedagogy;
  • Increasing familiarity and exposure to service-learning theory and current research;
  • Applying best practices of service-learning research and pedagogy;
  • Exploring evaluation and assessment strategies for measuring service-learning’s impact on students, faculty, and community members;
  • Developing and implementing a service-learning related project;
  • Connecting to public service and outreach initiatives and existing community-university partnerships;
  • Developing interdisciplinary service-learning projects through conversation and collaboration with faculty from other disciplines; and
  • Enhancing the CTE Service-Learning Module in the Faculty Portal in order to educate faculty campus-wide about this high-impact practice.

Read the Service-Learning Faculty Fellow Program Overview here

Get answers to your Service-Learning Faculty Fellow Program FAQs here.


Click the pictures below to read the full Faculty Fellow profile of some of our former Fellows.  A full listing of former Fellows can be found here.

Mary Campbell
Associate Professor
College of Liberal Arts

Jennifer Griffith
Assistant Professor
Health Policy & Management
School of Public Health

Jennifer Horney
Associate Professor
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
School of Public Health

Summer Odom
Assistant Professor
Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communications
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Malini Natarajarathinam
Associate Professor
Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
Dwight Look College of Engineering



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