Happy New Year’s Advisors!

New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap, normally they focus on something you’ve already been putting off and don’t really want to do. The most common resolutions involve hitting the gym more, eating healthier, making more time for yourself, or budgeting. These are great resolutions and they’re so common for a reason, but usually by summer they are but a distant memory. Your organization is no different, setting a goal for the whole year might result in a failed goal, but if you just look at goals a semester at a time you are more likely to have success!

Spring looks different for every organizations, some organizations will be electing officers this semester, some elected officers in the fall, and some will wait for summer. The majority of our organizations transition in the spring (845 between January and May), so helping your students set a goal for your transition could be beneficial. If you’re in one of the 218 organizations that don’t transition in the spring then you could focus on other organization goals.

Make sure your goals are reasonable and will benefit the organization! Here are some other goal ideas to get your organization started!

1. Create an Officer Transition Plan.
Transition plans can be reviewed and updated annually. Did you notice anything last year that didn’t work? Or did you all try something new that should be written down? Have the officers look at the plan and see if anything needs to be updated. If the plan is already pretty set then you can set your timelines for the semester and review them frequently to make sure you’re staying on track.
2. Review Your Constitution
An Organization’s constitution can be updated any time of year. Most organizations think they can only update their constitution when it’s Recognition time, but any time your constitution is changed or updated SODA gets a notice and we can review it right then. Make sure you follow your amendment procedure as outlined in your constitution. Now is a great time to start looking at it.
3. Look at Your Budget or Set a Fundraising Goal
Not all organizations fundraise but some organizations fundraise a lot. Either way the beginning of the year is a great time to look at your budget and see what you need. Has your organization been wanting to host a certain event for years but just never had the cash? Help them set a fundraising goal.
4. Create a Timeline for Summer Objectives
Some organizations fully operate over the summer, they travel, fundraise and keep meeting. While others take the summer off completely and pick back up again in August. What needs to happen before summer starts, during summer or right when they get back? Lay everything out and create a nice timeline.
5. Plan Leadership Development
Most students don’t come to an organization as leaders already, they need a little guidance and practice. What sort of leadership activities do you think would help them? Did you know Student Activities offers a variety of training opportunities, in person and online? Visit http://studentactivities.tamu.edu/manage-your-organization/training-opportunities/ for a list of opportunities.

These are just a few examples of goals that could fit any organization. These would be a great topic for an officer retreat or executive meeting. No matter what your organization’s Spring looks like, you can help your student leaders find goals that will work for them. As their Advisor you can help make sure they hit their goals with regular check-ins and support. You could be an excellent resource to your organization on areas they may not be familiar with or help them connect with others who are. But you’re not alone! If you need help or more resources, please reach out to the Student Organization Development and Administration (SODA) office in the Department of Student Activities. We’re here to help! Come visit us in Koldus 142 or email recognition@stuact.tamu.edu.

Happy Goal Setting and Happy New Year!

Tyler Alyse Archer

Tyler Archer
Primary Advisor, Alternative Spring Break