Student Organization Funding

Funding Request Process

The Student Organization Advisory Board in conjunction with the Department of Student Activities and The Association of Former Students has established a limited supplemental funding pool for assisting Recognized Student Organizations and their activities. Due to the limited availability of these funds an application/evaluation process has been established involving a sub committee of the Student Organizations Advisory Board. These requests will be reviewed on a bi-weekly basis so applications should be submitted 14 days in advance of the event to receive full consideration.


Recognized Student Organizations may request Student Organization Funding if:
ΓÇó    Your organization is in good standing with the University and not 30 days past due on any financial obligation to the University.
ΓÇó    Your organization is NOT in one of the following categories:
╫í    Sports Clubs
╫í    MSC Organizations

Funds may be requested for two purposes:  Special Event Funding or Annual Operational Funding.  Please indicate which funding purpose your organization will be applying for.


How to Apply

Eligible student organizations can request funding by filling out the application form.

Source of Funds
The money is a donation from The Association of Former Students.

Application Process
The Student Organization Advisory Board has determined that all eligible student organizations may submit Student Organization Funding applications any time during the year.

  • Complete a Student Organization Funding request form and submit it to the Department of Student Activities.  (Please indicate if this is a request for annual operations or a special need).
  • Applications are reviewed every two weeks by a committee of staff and students.
  • You may be asked to schedule a meeting with the Funding Committee to discuss your request.
  • Student Organization Advisory Board meetings are open to the student body.
  • You will receive a decision on our funding request within one month after the submission of your request.
  • If funds are allocated to your organization then a thank you letter to The Association of Former Students must be sent and Student Activities copied.  This must be accomplished before your funds will be released to a special sub-account setup by the Student Organization Finance Center for the uses that were approved.
  • The Student Organization Advisory Board will post its meeting minutes on the Department of Student Activities Web site.


  • Funds must be used for the purpose for which they were allocated as indicated.  Funding shall not be used to pay for food, clothing, gifts, awards, honorariums, etc.
  • Any money allocated, but not used by August 15th, WILL be returned to the Student Organization Funding Reserve, administered by the Department of Student Activities.
  • After the event has occurred or your funding has been expended, the organization should provide the Department of Student Activities with a written explanation of how the money was used to benefit the student organization and the students of Texas A&M.



In determining whether a request should be granted and the appropriate amount of the request, the Student Organization Advisory Board will consider the following criteria:

  1. Whether the student group making the request is recognized and in good standing;
  2. Whether the request is timely;
  3.  The total amount of funding available to student groups;
  4. The amount of the request;
  5. Whether the request demonstrates that the group has been diligent in determining and expressing its needs;
  6. The actual cost involved and whether the group has attempted to identify a cost-effective approach;
  7. Whether the group receives funds from other sources; 
  8. Whether the group has received funding in the past and how effectively and efficiently it has used those funds; and 
  9. Any other relevant and lawful factors.

All funding decisions will comply with constitutional requirements of viewpoint neutrality.

A student group may appeal the Student Organization Advisory BoardΓÇÖs decision to deny the organization funding.  The only accepted basis for appeal is the board denied funding based upon the viewpoint of the student group.

  • The student group may appeal in writing to the Director of Student Activities, but only if the student group maintains that the Student Organization Advisory Board denied funding based upon the viewpoint of the student group.
  • The student group must submit the appeal no more than 5 calendar days after the Student Organization Advisory Board informs the group of its decision.
  • The Director of Student Activities must issue a decision on the student groupΓÇÖs appeal within 10 calendar days of submission.

Conduct of Student Organization Advisory Board Members
Students serving on the board are subject to the Student Code of Conduct.