***Attention: The Concessions intake desk has been moved upstairs to Koldus 224 as of February 1, 2014***
 *The concessions permit request form can be found at the bottom of this page.*  

 Concessions at Texas A&M

 "Concessions" are defined as any public sales or transactions on the Texas A&M University campus, including the exchange of goods or services for financial consideration, the acceptance of donations (including blood/clothing/book drives), or any exchange of information (e.g. email addresses, personal information, etc.). The Texas A&M campus is defined as all university-owned property in Brazos County, TX, including the main campus, Hensel Park, the University Apartments, Research Park, and the Riverside campus.

 To be eligible to conduct concessions, you must either be a recognized student organization or a TAMU department. Recognized student organizations seeking concessions permits must have an up-to-date signature card on file with the SOFC and must not have exceeded five (5) days of concessions per calendar month.  It is possible to request an extension to this guideline by contacting the Concessions Administrator.

 A concessions permit is NOT required for the following types of activities: 

 Items are advertised "for sale" or "wanted" in traditional, designated or temporary public forums or on bulletin boards designated for that purpose.

  1. Distribution of flyers or other promotional materials in traditional, designated or temporary public forums.
  2. A recognized student organization (including residence halls) sells items to only its members:
  • T-Shirts, apparel, jewelry, or other items which bear the name or insignia identifying the student organization.
  • Soft drinks and other party refreshments sold to members only (not the university at large), so long as the concessions are distributed in a manner that does not conflict with local, state, or federal laws.
  • Admission tickets to events for members only.

  3. A university contract that reflects the inclusion of concessions with the contract and the proposed concession falls within the scope of           the contract.  It is important to note that this applies to University departments only.

  4. Performances that are linked to a University department whose primary focus is to further the development of entertainment and            
     performing arts.

  5. Career/job interviews linked to the Texas A&M University Career Center or a specific college's career fair/event.Conferences and other             closed events on campus in which concessions occur within the confines of the conference or event that is neither open to the university       at large nor occurring in a public area of campus.

 Please note that all of the above exceptions are still limited to the day and location of the event.

 Requesting a Concessions Permit

 Concessions requests must comply with the Texas A&M University advertising guidelines as outlined in the Student Organization Manual and the Student Rules. Also, any concessions permit request involving Texas A&M University Residence Halls is subject to the guidelines contained in the Texas A&M Residence Hall Lounge Use and Solicitation Guidelines. Approval from the Athletic Department is required for a permit to be granted for solicitation in an area controlled by the Athletic Department during athletic events.

 Concessions process:

 Student organization contact fills out Concession Form Steps 1 through 4 and attaches all relevant documentation to concessions permit (ex. T-shirt design, beneficiary letter, etc.)

  1. Chief Student Leader and Advisor fill out and sign Step 5.
  2. Student organization takes concession form to appropriate area proctors for signatures for all spaces being utilized during the concession timeframe. Upon signing the concessions form, the proctor may tentatively reserve a space for your organization, but the reservation will not become final until the Concession Permit is issued and a copy of the permit is emailed to the Concessions Area Proctor. (list of area proctors can be found below)
  3. Completed concession form and documentation is turned into the Student Organization Development and Administration office at least two full business days prior to the first day of the concession.
  4. The Concessions Administrator will review the concession form and notify organization and area proctors by email if it is approved.  If more information is needed the student organization will be contacted.

 Concession forms turned in less than two full business days prior to the start of the concession will not be accepted.  Emergency requests for a concessions permit may be conditionally approved, but only at the discretion of the Concessions Administrator.  Your organization is responsible for printing a copy of the emailed permit to keep with you at all times during your concession activity.

 Review of Concessions Requests 

 When reviewing your form, the Department of Student Activities will check to ensure that your request meets all of the following conditions:

  1. Any sales activity conducted by a recognized student organization on Texas A&M University property helps to further the must further the mission and purpose of the organization.
  2. Any items offered for sale or distribution that carry a licensed mark for Texas A&M University must have the approval of Licensing & Trademarks in the Office of Business Development.  Sample of artwork must be attached to the concession form.
  3. Any items offered for sale or distribution by a recognized student organization must be acquired at wholesale by the organization and sold at retail or distributed from a current student organization or university department inventory. Merchandise may be purchased on contract with return privileges or received on consignment. For student organizations, records of these transactions must be on file in the Student Organization Finance Center (SOFC).

 Your student organization may contract with non-university commercial vendors to conduct concessions activities only when the following conditions are met:

  1. The recognized student organization is represented at the table/sales for the duration of the activity.
  2. All funds collected during the sales activity are deposited in the organization's SOFC account or other University account. 
  3. There is a benefit to the recognized student organization.

Sales by non profit, non-student organizations authorized to use Texas A&M University licensed marks (Aggie Moms' Clubs, A&M Clubs, The Association of Former Students, The 12th Man Foundation, special interest former student clubs, etc.) whose resources are pledged to a Texas A&M University department or a recognized student organization in their 501c3 application or University approved charters shall be allowed if the merchandise or items for distribution are the property of the organization and are not in conflict with those provided by TAMU-contracted vendors.

 Finally, requests for a permit may be rejected or a permit may be revoked by the Department of Student Activities for justifiable reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. Failure to comply with the basic requirements as outlined.
  2. Faulty merchandise.
  3. Sales violate any existing University contracts.
  4. Sales are conducted outside the area(s) authorized.
  5. Unsanitary conditions or procedures.
  6. Misrepresentation of the article or service offered for sale.
  7. Falsification of information on the application of the permit.
  8. The activity interferes with the educational mission of the University.
  9. The activity promotes the use and abuse of any alcoholic beverage or violates university rules concerning alcohol.
  10. The activity impedes normal traffic flow and use, or the ingress or egress from the building(s) and/or area(s).

Appeals of the decisions of the Concessions Administrator must be submitted in writing within three (3) days of notice of the denial and may be directed to the chairperson of the University Concessions Committee.

 Conducting Approved Concessions

 A permit shall be valid only for the merchandise, date(s), time(s), and the location(s) specified therein. You must retain a copy of your concessions permit at all times during the activity, and a sign indicating the student organization sponsoring the concession must be posted at the location. Student members of the organizations must staff the table at all times.  All concessions activities must take place from behind the designated and scheduled table. The use of sound (TV's, stereos, sound system, etc.) may be restricted and prior permission must be obtained. By conducting an approved concessions activity, your organization agrees to be respectful of and not intrude upon the rights of others during the course of sales or other transactions.

 Guidelines for sales on campus are as follows:

  1. All sales transactions must be documented by a receipt. The organization must issue a receipt to each customer and also keep a copy of each receipt for organizational records.
  2. All sales should be conducted as cash or check transactions. Student organization concessions may not be conducted using credit card transactions unless prior approval has been obtained through the SOFC.
  3. If your organization is selling items displaying the Texas A&M University licensed marks and did not working with a TAMU-licensed vendor, you must fill out a License Waiver form for Collegiate Licensing and supply a sample.
  4. The sale or distribution of a food item must comply with Food Distribution requirements provided by the Texas A&M Environmental Health & Safety Department.
  5. If your organization is raising funds for an external organization, proof of authorization from that charity ("beneficiary letter") must be attached to the Concessions Permit Request Form.

All money that is collected each day must be deposited into the organization's SOFC account by the end of the business day on which the concession was held. The student organization must retain a copy of the deposit slip for record keeping purposes. A night lock box at the SOFC will allow safe keeping of money over the weekend or holiday periods. Failure to deposit all money in a timely manner may result in a suspension of your SOFC and Concessions privileges.

 Failure to comply with any of the above guidelines will result in the immediate cancellation of the concessions permit and the student organization may forfeit further concessions privileges. In addition to the revoking of a permit, the University Concessions Committee may take other actions when the concessionaire does not abide by the guidelines, such as:

  1. Not permit the recognized student organization to conduct any future sales or solicitation on campus for a specified time.
  2. Recommend to the Director of Student Activities that the student organization be called before the Student Organization Hearing Board for a disciplinary hearing.
  3. Recommend to the Director of Student Activities that the student(s) involved in a Concessions Guidelines infraction be charged with a violation of University Rules and therefore subject to disciplinary action.