Camp Documents and Online Application

Camps Online Application

The camps application process is now available through StuAct Online; please click the link below to start a new application!  Applications must be submitted to Student Activities at least 8 weeks prior to the start date of your event. This timeline is to ensure completion of the extensive review and approval process as well as acquisition of insurance for your program.

IMPORTANT! Do NOT leave the program application open on your desktop overnight as your data will be lost.  You should receive the following confirmation statement after the application has been submitted:  "Your submission was successfully sent.  Thank you!"


Liability Waiver Information

  • Waiver (PDF) (Please fill in the "Indemnity Clause" section with information about the activities during your camp or enrichment program, and possible injuries or damages that could be sustained by participants)
  • Spanish Camp/Enrichment Program Waiver (PDF) (Please fill in the "Indemnity Clause" section with information about the activities during your camp or enrichment program, and possible injuries or damages that could be sustained by participants)

Each blank space on the waiver must be completed with your program's information. The first two spaces should be filled in with your program name and Sponsoring Department. The third blank, under the Indemnity Clause, should be filled in with a brief list of potential risks that the program participants will be exposed to during program activities Filling this blank with potential risks such as physical injury or death will not be sufficient; more specific risks need to be communicated in this space. It is also recommended that you think beyond just the physical risks. Consider including emotional risks that the participant may be exposed to or experience as well. 

IMPORTANT! Make sure the language that is bolded, underlined, and italicized remains that way in the releases distributed to your Program participants. Also, the font on the waiver should be at least 10-point font to be sufficient (even if the waiver is part of a brochure). Do not make changes to this form other than inserting the name of your camp/program where indicated.

This Waiver must be signed by each Program participant and his/her parent or guardian and returned to the Program Staff before the camp begins. We will not accept other waivers - the waiver on our website must be used for ALL camps/programs as this waiver has been recently approved by the Office of the General Counsel.

If your program wishes to use a different waiver, verification that the Office of the General Counsel has reviewed and approved the waiver must be sent to the Department of Student Activities. Other waivers can be used IN ADDITION to our Waiver on our website if the Program Sponsor feels his/her waiver is more specific to the event.

The Waiver is for use by both Texas A&M University and Texas A&M University at Galveston.


Texas Department of State Health Services Form



CPM Sponsors are responsible for ensuring that all CPM directors, staff, counselors, volunteers and other individuals who will have contact with CPM participants complete all required and necessary training prior to having contact with CPM participants.

All TAMU CPMs, including Third Party CPMs, must submit the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) approved document for Campus Programs for Minors listing the names of the CPM staff and volunteers who completed the approved Child Protection Training course. This document needs to be submitted to a minimum of five days before the start of the program. Student Activities will submit the document to the state.


Document Retention

Program Sponsors are also required to retain program related documentation per the System Records Retention Schedule and the Office of General Counsel. 

  • Background Check Documentation
    • Destroy actual background check results as soon as possible
    • Maintain documentation verifying the background check that was utilized for each counselor
      • Texas A&M Employee Counselors - retain checklist for 5 years after the camp date
      • Volunteer Counselors- retain checklist for 3 years after the camp date
  • Liability Waivers - Stored 3 years after the camp date
    • Should an incident/accident be reported for the participant, retention may be longer if advised by Insurance Services
  • Medication Distribution - Stored 3 years after the camp date
  • Child Protection Training Proof of Completion - Stored 2 years after the camp date

Storage Options: These documents must be kept in a locked or secured location. Records in paper format can be stored through Texas A&M University Records Management. If forms are scanned into an electronic format, you can declare the electronic version the official version on and destroy the paper. Electronic storage must be in a password or encrypted format.


Camps & Programs for Minors

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